Parent Memo: October 9, 2020


Wednesday was the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. A group of our 4th graders decided to take it upon themselves, completely independently, to pray the Rosary during their recess for safety and peace in our country. The group was organized and led by Sophia Long and Gia Khang VoNguyen and attended by Sandy Jimenez-Martinez, Brynna Koorsen, Drew Tagne, Evelyn Orzech, Eden Hibler, Kaitlin Martin, and Madison Bentz. The prayers of children get to God faster, and we thank them for their caring spirits.

In Service,

Ms. Laura

[email protected]



All students should be wearing their official school uniforms now. We allowed a bit of leeway because the uniform distributor had items on back order, but that’s all distributed now. Please note that we do not have any khaki skirts or skorts as part of our uniform. ALL of our skirts or skorts are plaid only. Flynn O’Hara does sell khaki skirts, along with various other items, but not as part of our school account. They sell to many different schools. Therefore, please make sure you are shopping only from our school “store” online. Don’t forget that we also have plenty of used uniform pieces here at the school that you can purchase as well. Just make an appointment through the office to come in and check them out.



Halloween Dress Down day is October 30th. Kids can wear jeans and Halloween themed t-shirts or black and orange t-shirts. Students can also wear Halloween themed cloth facial masks like the ones we wear for Covid 19 protection (not regular Halloween costume masks).

Regarding Halloween celebrations at school, we again have to consider our Covid 19 restrictions. All the kids will be receiving store purchased treats and having little celebrations in class, but the teachers are preparing those for the children. We cannot accept goody bags or homemade treats from parents to be distributed in class. Our parents are so generous and always want to help, but the fewer hands that are involved, the safer it is for the kids. Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.



Our Veteran’s Day Program is still going to happen!   Even Covid is not going to keep us from expressing our gratitude and thanks to those who have dedicated themselves to serving our country. This year, however, the Veteran’s Day Program will have to be a virtual program. Each class is contributing to the final product which will be sent home for viewing and linked to our school and parish websites. Stay tuned for more information about that to be coming home from your homeroom teachers.



School pictures have been taken. If you did not pre-order your child’s pictures, you can still order them directly from the photographer at Also, if you have any concerns or issues with the pictures you pre-ordered, please contact the photographer directly at 910-436-8095 or email at [email protected].



Below, you will see the reservation form to send your child a special message on a special day by painting the SHAM-ROCK. The kids always get the biggest kick out of it. Instructions below.



Oct 5-16  Iowa Testing (and make up testing)

Oct 20 –   School Rosary 10:00 – onsite and online

Oct 30 –   Halloween Dress Down Day – Halloween T-shirts and jeans

(Please note: Nothing violent, gory or objectionable, please)