Parent Memo: January 15, 2021


Dear Parents,
Welcome back! We have successfully finished our first week back and the kids are getting back into
the routine. Still having some sleepy faces as they adjust to the early wake ups, but they are doing
great! We hope you had a restful holiday and that the peace of the holy season remains with you
throughout the year.
In Service,
Ms. Laura
[email protected]


Cases county-wide and nation-wide continue to increase, and we remain ever diligent in keeping the
children safe while at school. Please help us out by using safe practices when not in school and
informing the school whenever there is a suspicion that your child may be sick or been exposed to
Covid. I know we all have to accept that it is an inconvenience to keep your child home during a
quarantine period, but it’s what we have to do. Thank you for your continued compliance and, as
always, we’ll keep you informed of any new developments that we receive.


Below, you will see the reservation form to send your child a special message on a special day by
painting the SHAM-ROCK. The kids always get the biggest kick out of it. Instructions below.


Please remember that we have a variety of programs where you can help the school without costing
you anything above and beyond your normal budgeted purchases. These avenues often have to be
renewed annually, however, so even if you already registered with them, please check the next time
you are shopping and make sure your contributions are still registered to go to St. Pat’s.


This is exactly the same as the regular Amazon site. I didn’t have to change anything and I kept all my Prime benefits. Just log into instead of the regular, enter your user name and password that you always use and direct
the site to donate to St Patrick Catholic Church (the school is listed under the church’s name).
Then every time you shop on Amazon, you go to and do your regular
shopping. Amazon donates a percentage of that back to the school. I use the “smile side” of
Amazon for all of my purchases and literally, the only thing it costs me is to type in one more
word by typing instead of just I think I can expend that much
effort for the school to get donations. Anybody can do this. They don’t have to be part of the
school. They just need to log on and connect their regular Amazon account to a Smile account,
so spread the word far and wide to friends and relative. Just realize that the school only
receives the donations when people shop on the Smile side and not on the regular side. It
doesn’t make any difference to the consumer, however.

PUBLIX and HARRIS TEETER supermarkets –

Both have school give back programs
where a percentage of your shopping total will get donated to the school. Costs you nothing.
The supermarkets do the donating. These need to be renewed annually, I believe, so even if
you registered in the past, please drop by their customer service window the next time you
shop and check that your payments are still connected to our school.
Thank you for doing every little thing you can to help support our school.


Grocery shopping online for delivery or curbside pickup? Watch this short video to find out how you
can forward your receipt from your digital grocery shopping to the Box Tops for Education program
and earn cash for our school!



January 13 Mid-trimester 2 Progress Reports go live
January 18 NO SCHOOL – Martin Luther King Jr Day
January 29 Spirit Day
January 31 – Feb 5 Catholic Schools Week (details to come soon)
Feb 5 12:15 Dismissal – NO EXTENDED CARE TODAY