Parent Memo: March 12, 2021


I am proud to announce this week’s Shout-Outs to:

Amanda Mason – gr 8 – Amanda came to the rescue of Mrs. Shea when Mrs. Shea could not reach an area she was attempting to decorate with Lenten streamers. Amanda helped Mrs. Shea put up all the streamers which made Mrs. Shea’s job so much easier. Mrs. Shea greatly appreciated Amanda’s help.

In Service,

Ms. Laura

[email protected]



We had the honors assembly for the second trimester this past Tuesday. Here is a list of the award winners:


PreK – Joanna Hinton

KG – Jaxson Clark

Gr 1 – Olivia Gudauskas and Maggie Townsend

Gr 2 – Cecilia Stanley and Andrew Thiel

Gr 3 – Jiraiya Mafnas and Phillip Lawhorn

Gr 4 – Brynna Koorsen and Isaac Clark

Gr 5 – Ariana Dunlevy and Nicholas Cassibba

Gr 6 – Emily Gudauskas and Catherine Malone

Gr 7 – Kayla Washington and Diego Jimenez-Martinez

Gr 8 – Zach Clark and Molly Barbour



Gr 4 – First Honors – Madison Bentz, Isaac Clark, Lorelei Erickson, Andrew Graham, Sandy Jimenez-Martinez, Brynna Koorsen, Dirk Miranda, John Pasztor, Gia Khang VoNguyen

Second Honors – Eden Hibler, Evans Hibler, Sophia Long, Vincent Masotti, Evelyn Orzech, Liam Sparzak, Drew Tagne and Zoe Washington


Gr 5 – First Honors – Alex Forkin, Casimir Graham, Gabriel Lawhorn, Gabriel Mercado, Ryan Pouliot, MaryMac Rizzolo, Emily Staneata

Second Honors – Evan Koorsen, Kaylani Paulino, Mesbah Shahood, Gabrielle Teerlink



Gr 6 – First Honors – Audrey Orzech, Hanna Punzalan

Second Honors – Linsey Adholla, Mia Crosby, Catherine Malone


Gr 7 – First Honors – Alex Chao, Diego Jimenez-Martinez, Ian Kim, Justin Vela, Aiden Wiggins

Second Honors – Gabriel Campbell, Charles Horne, Isaac Kasprak, Anavictoria Matuszewski, Matthew Sparzak and Cameron Swain


Gr 8 – First Honors – Nicholas Agustin, Molly Barbour, Kaygan Draughon, Anna Milewicz, Carlo Valencia, Sophia White

Second Honors – Dylan Clark, Francesca Coppola, Isoley Cruz, Caleb Fuda, Patrick Leal, Amanda Mason, Grant Washington



Thank you to all who participated in our Spring Book Fair. It was a great success and raised over $1000 for books and resources for our library program.



Please note the paperwork that was sent home regarding our Virtual Race this year. In addition to promoting family health and fun, this race will raise money for PE and recess equipment that always seems to wear out quickly. Please refer to the flyer below for details of the race and thank you for your participation.


We will celebrate St Patrick’s Day differently than in years past, of course. The children have been working on activities in their PE classes, and we have been making a virtual presentation that will be emailed to all parents. The students will view this presentation in their classes on St Patrick’s Day and will have a little celebration. Store-bought goods or pre-packaged goods can be sent into your students’ class for the celebration. Please no home-baked goods can be accepted. Please refer to each child’s class teacher for details as different age groups have different requirements. There will be a “go green” dress down day on March 17th where they can dress in green! Please refer to the dress down guidelines below when determining what your child can wear.


  • All clothing must display only school-appropriate pictures, symbols and language.
  • All shirts and t-shirts must be of modest style and coverage (no tank tops, and no exposed midriffs, waists, hips, or undergarments)
  • All shorts and skirts must be of modest length and coverage (no more than 2 inches above the knee) Jeans should not be torn, overly faded or excessively worn.
  • Athletic shoes and leather shoes may be worn (no flip flops, sandals or boots)
  • No leggings may be worn unless they are under a dress or skirt that complies with dress code guidelines for length. (so basically, leggings worn as tights under clothes and not as pants)


Thank you to the families that have already sent in diapers and baby wipes for our Lenten Outreach Project. This outreach will continue until March 26th. Students can bring in packs of diapers and baby wipes to their classes. Teachers will collect them and make sure they get to their destination. If you prefer to send in a $5 donation instead of (or in addition to) the products, this is always appreciated and will be used to purchase additional diapers and wipes. (see flyer attached to end of newsletter)




If you are requesting tuition assistance from the school/parish for the 2021-2022 school year (not the Opportunity Scholarship), please do so through your FACTS tuition management account. Parish financial assistance is open to active members of St Patrick Catholic parish only.



Operation Rice Bowl is a donation drive that has been carried out in Catholic parishes and schools for years during Lent. It will begin soon in our parish and school. Donations to Rice Bowl help the hungry, both in our local community and beyond. 25% of the donations to Rice Bowl stay in our own community, and there is certainly a need during this time. Please use the link to donate to Rice Bowl online or see the flyer attached below about how to donate using the QR code. Thank you for your prayerful donation during the Lenten season.



March 17                  St Patrick’s Day – GO GREEN dress down day

March 23                  Rosary – 8:15 (virtual)

March 26                  Spirit Day and Stations of the Cross (virtual) at 2:15