Parent Memo: March 26, 2021




We begin our Easter Break next week. We respectfully ask that all families who may be traveling over the holiday observe Covid safety protocol. This is not only to protect yourselves and your families but also to protect the other children at school. We have been pleased with our safety record thus far this year. There have been NO cases of Covid that have originated from the school or been transmitted through the school. We’d like to keep it that way. So please help us out and take precautions while on break. Thank you for your assistance in keeping our kids safe.

In Service,

Ms. Laura

[email protected]



We are having a problem with students forgetting to bring their face masks to school. Please keep some extra masks in your car or in your students’ backpacks. The school has given out all of our cloth masks and are now down to our emergency supply of paper masks that the students use until the parent can return with a cloth mask. Thank you.



This week’s Shout Out goes to Achilles Mafnas in Kindergarten. It was given to him by the extended care supervisor. She reported that Achilles picked up small pieces of paper from the library floor for at least 5 minutes without being asked. Also, he saw some markers missing caps, so he found them and organized the colors of the crayons. The supervisor was impressed by his voluntary behavior and patience.



By now, you have all seen the letter emailed earlier this week from the Diocese Superintendent of Schools. So how will this impact St. Patrick’s? Not much, really. We have been given the permission to move to a modified Plan A. In our case, this only means that we can relax distancing requirements around the school from 6 feet to 3 feet among the children, but the adults must continue to observe the 6 feet distancing protocol. Everything else remains the same. We have not chosen to relax screening procedures at this time, believing in the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” With the end of the school year so close at hand, we feel it is best just to finish the year as we have been doing so far. How Covid will affect the next school year’s operations is yet to be seen. As with most things with Covid, we maintain a watchful waiting position.



Our annual Spring Pictures will be taken Wednesday, April 14th. Pre-order forms went home last week with the students. Please remember that for the Spring pictures, ONLY STUDENTS WHO PRE-ORDER WILL HAVE THEIR PICTURES TAKEN. Students who pre-order may dress down on this day. Please note that picture students who also have PE on that day should bring a change of clothes (and shoes if necessary) so they can participate in PE comfortably.



If you are requesting tuition assistance from the school/parish for the 2021-2022 school year (not the Opportunity Scholarship), please do so through your FACTS tuition management account. Parish financial assistance is open to active members of St Patrick Catholic parish only.



Operation Rice Bowl is a donation drive that has been carried out in Catholic parishes and schools for years during Lent. It will begin soon in our parish and school. Donations to Rice Bowl help the hungry, both in our local community and beyond. 25% of the donations to Rice Bowl stay in our own community, and there is certainly a need during this time. Please use the link to donate to Rice Bowl online or see the flyer attached below about how to donate using the QR code. Thank you for your prayerful donation during the Lenten season.



April 1                      12:15 dismissal – Easter vacation begins – Extended care is available

April 2                      Good Friday- Spring Break begins

April 4                      Easter Sunday

April 12                    Students return to school