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Parent Memo: October 23, 2020



As we all enter the dreaded cold and flu season, we are going to be more vulnerable this year than in previous years. We so appreciate all the support we have received from our families so far, and we continue to ask for that support as we enter this crucial season. Again, I reiterate that every family needs to have a “Plan B” in place just in case there are school closures. What’s the Boy Scout motto? Be Prepared. They knew what they were talking about.

In Service,

Ms. Laura

[email protected]



The student recognition program called “Shout-Outs” has returned. Teachers or other students nominate students who they catch going above-and-beyond what everyone else is doing. We recognize Shout-Outs at morning announcements every week, and there’s no limit to how many can stand out. We’ll be looking for you! This week’s Shout-Outs go to:

Moeid Shahood – gr 7 – who has been extra helpful to a new student. We are proud of his proactive attitude in helping the new student feel welcomed and included.


Anna Milewicz – gr 8 – who is always cooperative and willing to do anything asked of her without complaint. She will volunteer when nobody else is willing to step up.


Zach Clark – gr 8 – who sees little things that need to be done and is always helpful, even when not asked to do it.


Emily Gudauskas (not pictured here) – gr 6 – who has gone out of her way to help her sister with her technology challenges while online learning. Emily even helps the teacher out, and it is much appreciated that she does it so willingly.



Always a much-anticipated event, the Book Fair is coming! It will be held from Friday, October 23, to Friday, October 30. Like everything this year, however, there will be a few changes.

  • Book Fair is for students only. Parents will not be able to come into the library and peruse or purchase books.
  • Students shop during the school day according to their teachers’ schedules.
  • Students will make a “wish list,” and if the parents approve of the wish list, parents may send in money for the students to purchase items.
  • Parents also have the option of shopping at the ONLINE book fair which has all the same selections

Although the season is not upon us yet, don’t forget that books make great stocking stuffers!


October 28th is picture make up day for students who were absent or those who don’t like the first photo taken of themselves and would like a re-take. If you are getting a re-take picture done, please bring in your previously purchased pictures. Please make sure the students who are getting new pictures are dressed in regular school uniforms that day and not PE uniforms. They will be excused from dressing out on that day.


The parish Middle School Youth Ministry is starting back up for the year on November 11th!

WHO: All students in grades 6 and 7 are invited to attend.

WHERE: The gym

WHEN: Wednesday’s (that they do not meet as a family) from 6:00 – 7:30 pm. The first session will be introduction and orientation. Parents are always welcome to stay.

Please contact Deacon Vince Mescall at [email protected] for questions or more information.


Halloween Dress Down day is October 30th. Kids can wear jeans and Halloween themed t-shirts or black and orange t-shirts. Students can also wear Halloween themed cloth facial masks like the ones we wear for Covid-19 protection (not regular Halloween costume masks).

Regarding Halloween celebrations at school, we again have to consider our Covid-19 restrictions. All the kids will be receiving store purchased treats and having little celebrations in class, but the teachers are preparing those for the children. We cannot accept goody bags or homemade treats from parents to be distributed in class. Our parents are so generous and always want to help, but the fewer hands that are involved, the safer it is for the kids. Thank you so much for your understanding and cooperation.


Below, you will see the reservation form to send your child a special message on a special day by painting the SHAM-ROCK. The kids always get the biggest kick out of it. Instructions below.


Oct 23-30 Book Fair

Oct 28 – Picture make-up day

Oct 30 –   Halloween Dress Down Day – Halloween T-shirts and jeans

(Please note: Nothing violent, gory or objectionable, please)