Parent Memo: September 25 , 2020


Progress reports go online on September 30th. Please realize that this report is exactly what its name indicates, “Progress.” It is not the final or complete grade for the trimester. It’s just a snapshot of your child’s current achievement and helps to inform on areas where the child may need to build up. Progress reports are available on Gradelink, so log into your account and check those on September 30th. Please note that the reports are not yet up-to-date until September 30th and your teachers may still be updating grades prior to that date.

In Service,

Ms. Laura

[email protected]


Confirmation forms listing your parent/teacher conference time will be going home Monday or Tuesday. Please email your teacher if your scheduled time needs to be changed. Remember that parent/teacher conferences can really be conducted at any time. It doesn’t have to be only on those days we designate. Just communicate with your teacher any time you need to speak to them.



The annual administration of the Iowa Test for grades 3-8 will be the week of October 5th. If an onsite student is absent during a test, he/she can make up the test later in the week or the following week when he/she returns. Parents of online students have been sent emails outlining how the online students will be able to take the test.



School pictures will be scheduled for Wednesday, September 30th. All students must wear their regular school uniforms on this day. Arrangements have been made for Middle School students to wear their regular school shirts on picture day while still wearing their PE uniform shorts since the pictures are only taken from the waist up. These are the pictures that appear in the yearbook. Please note that arrangements will be made for online students to be pictured in the yearbook as well. Information about that has already been sent home to the online students’ parents. Picture order forms went home earlier this week. You may order pictures by sending the completed form into the school, or you may order online via the following link.  Picture Day Preorder



The school has received information regarding the NC Opportunity Scholarship. Funds are still available, income limits have been raised, and the deadline for application has been extended until December. If you were previously disqualified, that may now have changed. It’s certainly worth investigating at



Since we can’t share earphones this year, the sound from students using computers and tablets is getting a bit distracting during class. We ask every child in grades K-8 to bring in a pair of earbuds or earphones to use with computers. There’s no specific kind, just a regular circular pin earphone jack will do. Please put them in a baggy marked with the child’s name. Only your own child will use their own earbuds for computer class or in the classroom when working on the tablets.



Below, you will see the reservation form to send your child a special message on a special day by painting the SHAM-ROCK. The kids always get the biggest kick out of it. Instructions below.



Sept 25 – No School – Diocesan teacher workday

Sept 30­ – Picture Day

Oct 1 –    12:15 dismissal – Parent/teacher conferences in the afternoon/evening

Oct 2 –    No School – Parent/teacher conferences

Oct 5-16  Iowa Testing (and make up testing)

Oct 20 –   School Rosary 10:00 – onsite and online

Oct 30 –   Halloween Dress Down Day – Halloween T-shirts and jeans (Halloween masks ok too)

(Please note: Nothing violent, gory or objectionable, please)